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We are using the studio again, as we have mostly been using messenger services since we have limited the active projects. That has changed as well as logo and a few other things. Feel free to email me for information. 

Again, focus will be on CDM, training, and SplashK@. Video games will come about again, but it will be in a different fashion and with all of the setbacks of previous years as a guildline.

If anyone has or can get a picture of themselves working on a computer I would like to use it on the public website. Please send to my inbox on here and thank you.



Feel free to start a blog (related to this environment) or get active in one of your groups. There are many things that the Developers can do, but also many things that you, the community, can do to make this a more robust and active site.

Also, we have a Facebook page, it has gone unused for the most part. We will start using it again. Posting updates and other news via facebook. I am not a fan and don't really use it for personal use, but it is a valuable tool. 


Company Logo Explained...

About the Company Logo

CyberTronic Solutions Logo:

The Fantasy Style Green Iron Bound Door represents Creative Opportunity. One of the Company's founding beliefs: people are able to be creative in more than one field so they should be allowed to.

CTS Vision and Mission

Why We Do What We Do...

Vision: Supplementary Departments supply, train, and mentor dedicated freelance personnel to the Game Studio. Administration, Finance, and Marketing are added to reduce Project Development Stress.

Mission: Train and mentor Military Veterans and transition them to Freelance Status. Assist Veterans with building portfolio or resume's with on the job experience and training.
Create and sustain internal companies to use trained Veterans on a daily basis. Professionally develop projects, assign Freelance Personnel, manage and mentor as needed. Market finished product.

Cafe985 <> Zelda Rae's</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Joseph-Jaubert/'>Joseph Jaubert</a>
Members: 1
CTS wing located in Cafe985. Setup classes and projects
Web Dev</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Desiree-D/'>Desiree D.</a>
Members: 6
Taking care of small businesses, organizations, and our own sites. This department is led by Joseph Jaubert
Vampyrates</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Zane-Kukta/'>Zane Kukta</a>
Members: 5
A unique game concept
Newbies</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Joseph-Jaubert/'>Joseph Jaubert</a>
Members: 8
All new freelancers will belong to this group before being released to a formal group or deparment
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If you would like to stay.....
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Department Activity
New Members

New Members Start Here

The first step is to work on your profile. Use your name not your Gamer Tag. After you Confirm your email, you may have to email someone to speed up your approval for this site. We try to check every 3rd day.
Next you need to join your group. The first group everyone has to join is the Newbies group. From there you will participate in a small group project and then introduced to your new group. 

---------Member Checklist-----------
[-] Set up Profile, add your photo, add your skills, Primary Department and so on, if you need help setting up your profile, send your primary department manager an email.
[-] Make sure you have "receive emails" selected so you get the company newsletters and announcements.
[-] Join your department, familiarize yourself with the navigation, the floating navigation, and various services, like Instant Message, Blogs, Chat rooms with Video, and much more.
[-] Each department has a "Base" project. This is the project that everyone works on while they are not working on Video Games or Client Specific Projects. Your Department Manager will have more information, but if he/she fails to bring it up, please do not hesitate, they are all interesting collaborations.

What is CyberTronic Solutions....

CyberTronic Solutions Explained

CyberTronic Solutions:

We offer Digital Development Solutions. The T is capitalized because "Tronic" is short for Electronic and the two words are scrunched together.

Our products and Designs tend to be "More than meets the eye" which is a "Transformers" reference. "Transformers" are from "Cybertron" so "Cybertronic" can be used as a descriptive term to describe when something complex transforms from something simple, or having a possible origin on Cybertron!

Online Members
Staff Positions

Joseph J. - CTS GEN MGR

Julie B. - CTS Executive Officer

Open  -  J3L Studios Division Manager

Open. - J3L Studios Assistant Div MGR

Open -  CDM Div Manager - Special Projects

Sheree T. - CDM Div Manager - Web Dev

Desiree D. - CDM Div Manager - SEO/Other


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