Organized Chaos

Dear Independent Studio,

We want you in our organization. We (CTS) have so very much to offer an Independent Studio. The list below is only a small part of what we can do for you.

-Personnel Management: We act as an agency to recruit, manage, train, and much more.

-Market: We will work with you to expand your reach and let you get back to your next project sooner, we can also manage the finances and other Admin functions.

-Web Development: I know many of you are proud of your websites, and you should be. They could also be taking much more of your time than you realize. We have a growing team that love HTML and all that jazz.

-Concepts, Ideas, Writer's Block: Don't get stuck with a project again. Bring it to us and let us help you develop it. We have several creative and talented developers available.

The bottom line is that we want to run the business, and let you create the master pieces! Stop spending so much time on all of the trivial stuff that goes with making video games, let us deal with it. Not only will you be joining a group of Programmers, Writers, Artists, and Audio Techs, but you will gain friends, create a stronger name for your company, create a network for your company to affiliate with on different projects and many other advantages.

Online Members
Staff Positions

Joseph J. - CTS GEN MGR

Julie B. - CTS Executive Officer

Open  -  J3L Studios Division Manager

Open. - J3L Studios Assistant Div MGR

Open -  CDM Div Manager - Special Projects

Sheree T. - CDM Div Manager - Web Dev

Desiree D. - CDM Div Manager - SEO/Other


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